Pineapple and Pineapple Core

A little sweet, a little sour.

The pineapple is a tropical fruit with a sweet-sour taste that is indigenous to South America, but produced predominantly in Southeast Asia. Columbus discovered it in the Indies and brought it to Europe, where it was then introduced to the Philippines and Hawaii by the Spaniards. Our dried pineapple is available in rings, tidbits and diced with several flavor options.

Pineapple is readily used in trail and snack mixes as well as desserts.


Styles, Varieties & Packing

44.092 lb. carton (4 x 5Kg)
44.092 lb. carton (4 x 5Kg)
Sliced Core, Mango Flavored, Orange Color added
44.092 lb. carton (4 x 5Kg)
Diced Core, Natural Juice
44.092 lb. carton (4 x 5Kg)
Core Coin, Mango Flavored
44.092 lb. carton (4 x 5Kg)

Alternate options include:

Low sugar with SO2
Low sugar no SO2




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